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Free Domestic Shipping on order over $1000
Free Domestic Shipping on order over $1000


Let us help you get rid of your items.

Receive maximum payout for your items by selling with us. 

We take pride in our quick turnaround and ensure you will receive the best price for your items.

Let's get started !!!

Our consignment fee is 30% of the selling price and You keep 70%. For example, if an item sells for $100, we will receive $30 and you'll be paid $70.

Please fill out the questionnaire below.

Be sure to attach clear photos for faster review and approval process. For bags, photos must show front, side, corners, back and the inside of the bag. For shoes, photos must show front, side, back and the bottom of the shoes. 

Once an item has been approved, you will be required to ship it to us and payment will be sent once the item is sold. Payment is sent within 4-6 days after an item sell. Payment has to be cleared on our end  before we can disperse payment to you. 

We keep items for at least 120 days, after that you can request the item back or we can continue to sell it if it has not sold. If you will like to request your item back  earlier than the 120 days, you will be responsible to cover the shipping costs. 

We value our reputation and guarantee payment for all items that sell once it's shipped to us.

Note: We can't guarantee acceptance of all items. All items are subject to approval.