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Free Domestic Shipping on order over $1000
Free Domestic Shipping on order over $1000


We offers to Buyout your item(s) and issues payment to you upfront vs. consignment which is when your item(s) sells . Buyout option are for Handbags & Accessories only. We do not offer the buyout option for shoes. After authenticating and appraising an item's value, LSC will offer a buyout price between 40% and 75% of the item's resale value. We have the most competitive offers on the resell market. Several factors will contribute in price, resell Value, Demand, Condition, &  more.

*If the item is not as described or shown in the pictures that are submitted, prices will be subjected to change once we review it. 

All items sold to us as a Buyout are final once payment has been issued. If you would like to avoid wait time on item being sold this is the best method. Buyout payments are processed after the item has been received and certified for authenticity by Us. Note that authentication may take one or several days, depending on the brand.


Not all items will be eligible for buyout option. Shoes will be accepted through consignment only. Terms and conditions may apply.